Our Programs

The intent of Youth Progress is to teach independent living skills while addressing the client’s mental and emotional needs. Each of our programs fosters empowerment and self-identity through accountability and knowledge.

All of our programs utilize approaches that are evidence-based. Above all, every program at Youth Progress is structured around seeing each client as an individual, and basing the treatment of that individual off of his/her strengths. In order to accommodate each client, Youth Progress operates several specific programs tailored to its diverse clientele.

The Visions Program

At Youth Progress we believe in tailoring a young person’s treatment to make it as individual as possible. This is especially important when working with younger clients or with youth who have not yet developed the aptitude for abstract thought. To address this, Youth Progress developed the Visions Program, one of Youth Progress’s day services programs. Clients attend groups and appointments at the Visions office during the day and spend evenings and weekends in proctor homes. The program’s mission is to facilitate youth and their families as they make life choices in addition to developing adult relationships with their families.

The Mariposa Program – Temporary Closed

The Mariposa Program provides services for females ranging in age from 15 to 21. Mariposa is a gender-responsive program, structured to meet the needs of females. Mariposa’s core is based upon the concept of a butterfly’s life cycle, where growth is encouraged and reinforced through the stages of change. Youth progress through the stages based on their individualized needs and development within six domains: relational, emotional, intellectual, sexual, physical, and spiritual. Once the youth becomes a butterfly, she has demonstrated full growth and preparedness to move onward into independent living. Depending on the client, this process may take anywhere from three months to two years.

The Learning Center

At Youth Progress we believe that educational success is a key component to becoming a productive community member. To help ensure education opportunities, we have an on-site Learning Center that is accessible for all YP clients. Fully accredited by the AdvancED Accreditation Commission and licensed the State of Oregon, our Learning Center is an alternative school that supports clients in obtaining their education and academic goals. We offer a variety of opportunities and services in order to meet the educational needs of each client.

Residential Living

The program houses strive to provide the structured, supportive environment needed for young men to prepare for a positive lifestyle “outside the system”. The houses operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to promote success. Both houses are “home” to young men, ages 16 to 23, who are involved in the juvenile justice system. These clients are encouraged to demonstrate growth and productivity within themselves and in the community as they prepare for independent living, a process that can take from six months to one year.

Transition Services

The Day Transition program is made up of two separate programs; the Day Services Program and the Transitional Living Program. Clients in all three programs check in at the Transition Services office where they have access to case management, life skills training, employment skills training, and individualized treatment. Clients have access to a resource center where they can use the computers and community resource materials to complete assignments, create and update resumes and cover letters, research housing opportunities, explore recovery options, etc. Clients also access the computers to register with the Oregon Employment Office and to track job listings.

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