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Become a Proctor Parent

Youth Progress Proctor Parents are responsible, mature adults who provide safe, temporary homes for youth aged 12-25 who are enrolled in one of our Proctor/Day Treatment programs. Proctor Parents are able to be generalists, or specialize based on specific age ranges, gender, or types of support needed.

Proctor Parents are responsible for providing housing, supervision, transportation and structure while the youth participate in day treatment, attend school and/or work. All youth attend our on-site programs Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.

Proctor parents work with a team of experienced professionals who develop and coordinate the youth’s service plan focusing on therapeutic, educational, vocational, independent living, and social goals. Youth in our programs also have medical and dental coverage and medication management.

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Internships at Youth Progress

Youth Progress regularly hosts student interns. Depending on the student’s area of study and learning needs, potential internships are available in education, direct human service, and non-profit administration, development, and marketing/communications. The majority of interns we host are in a Masters level program for counseling or social work.

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